Factoring for Trucking

Even while invoices continue to go unpaid your truck continues on delivering shipments. If only operating costs could wait until you collect! Unfortunately, expenses aren’t known for being accommodating. When you find yourself in need of money now, factoring invoices with Fund My Freight is the only way to go! Our quick application process makes it possible to be funded in under 24 hours. That’s a whole lot better than sitting on an invoice for a few months.

Keep on Trucking

Maintaining a big rig operation is expensive. The tank is constantly being refilled, repairs have to be made periodically, and, yet, the driver still needs to have enough left over for personal needs. At any one time, a heaping pile of costs can hit all at once. It is during these costly moments that waiting for invoices to be paid is no longer an option. Many owner-operators look toward business loans for their preservation.

However, there is another, less pricey, option – factoring invoices.

Not to be confused with a loan, factoring invoices uses your accounts receivable as collateral for financing. In other words, you are not borrowing the money; you are selling invoices in return for immediate working capital. This is ideal for our nation’s truckers, as needs can be met on time and the big rigs can continue to bring in revenue.

It’s Time to Shift into the Next Gear

Whether you’re at the helm of a fleet of trucks or a one-man operation, Fund My Freight can factor your invoices! With money in-hand, you’ll have the means to further develop your trucking business into a revenue generating machine.


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The Fund My Freight Advantage

Clients of Fund My Freight will experience the highest quality of customer service, as well as a host of perks provided through our customer portal, such as:

Same Day Funding – Call today to see how you can get funding before leaving the office

Red Light/Green Light Credit Approval – Approve/deny brokers and shippers within minutes

Recourse & Non-Recourse Programs – Get tailored options fit for your situation

Find a Load – Locate the best loads in your area

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Fund My Freight account executives have been easy to work with over the years. They treat our customers with respect. We really like the personal side and they make us feel comfortable. We treat our customers to a relationship that is more than just business; Fund My Freight treats us the exact same way.

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