Freight bill factoring is simple; you sell us the invoices for delivered loads. Once the invoices have been purchased, your trucking company will receive funding in as little as 24 hours!

What Makes Us Better?

Fund My Freight specializes in freight bill factoring. With us, you will be dealing with knowledgeable individuals that understand the ins and outs of trucking. It is thanks to our experience in the industry that Fund My Freight is able to provide unparalleled freight factoring options for freight brokers, trucking companies, and owner-operators. At Fund My Freight, we understand our nation depends on the transportation industry. That is why our team is dedicated to keeping your trucks on the road!

It’s Time to Shift Into the Next Gear

Whether you’re at the helm of a fleet of trucks or a one-man operation, Fund My Freight can factor your invoices! With money in-hand, you’ll have the means to further develop your trucking business into a revenue generating machine.

See How it All Works

The Fund My Freight Advantage

Clients of Fund My Freight will experience the highest quality of customer service, as well as a host of perks provided through our customer portal, such as:

Red Light/Green Light Credit Approval – Approve/deny brokers and shippers within minutes

Free Credit Checks – See the risk before taking on a debtor

No Hidden Fees – No tricks here; just great rates

Same Day Funding – Call today to see how you can get funding before leaving the office

Our Clients love us


Cash flow is no longer an unknown. Since we’ve been with Fund My Freight, budgeting our cash is much simpler since we can forecast our cash flow.

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