Factoring for Freight Brokers

It’s about who you know. We have all heard this adage before. Of course, connections do not automatically equal success for freight brokers. Typically, brokers get paid when their shippers get compensated. This could lead to long periods between commission checks. Speed up the process with accounts receivable factoring through Fund My Freight!

Freight Factoring Made Easy

Traditional business loans tend to be laden with paperwork. For this reason, it can take months before financing is complete. When you’re functioning on a tight budget, a long wait may force a halt on operations. Accounts receivable factoring has revolutionized small business funding by eliminating loans altogether. Rather than borrow money at a premium interest rate, businesses can sell their invoices to a factor. Fund My Freight has taken the revolution a step further by cutting the paperwork process down to the most important details. Less forms for prospects to fill out means that we can approve applicants faster. This focus on efficiency has made it possible for clients of Fund My Freight to receive financing in as little as 24 hours. Say goodbye to waiting!

Patience isn’t a Virtue

Tired of waiting to collect on invoices? Fund My Freight offers accounts receivable factoring to get you funded in a little as 24 hours! With money in-hand, you’ll have the means to further develop your freight brokerage into a revenue generating machine.

See How it All Works

The Fund My Freight Advantage

Clients of Fund My Freight will experience the highest quality of customer service, as well as a host of perks provided through our customer portal, such as:

Competitive Rates – Take advantage of the lowest fees in the factoring industry

No Hidden Fees – No tricks here; just great rates

Capture Paperwork – Easily digitize important documents using your phone

Partner Discounts – Save big on equipment, services, and more

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Excellent service. Friendly staff. Fund My Freight is a part of your business, concerned with your needs … not so with a bank which is totally profit oriented.

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